The rooms

The pictures shows the great hall

Further down on this page you will find a layout over Gladan & Vråken. The text is in Swedish, but regarding the rooms there is an translation in this chapter "the rooms".



All rooms are personally decorated and have got an old-fashioned charm and character. Many rooms are newly and carefully renovated, we have preserved the origin as old stoves, wooden - floors and so on.


We have double and multiply - family rooms and the accommodation is divided in eight bedrooms.


You can book one or more rooms. At high demands of double rooms, the multiply - family rooms sometimes are used as a double room (two persons in a family room) to the same cost as of a double room.

No room is so called "walking through" room, but private.


The main building consists of two apartments and a great hall (breakfast / conference / assembly hall). In the courtyard there is "the little house".


The first apartment consists of three bedrooms; two double rooms and one room with three beds (with a total of seven beds).

There is also a smaller assembly (samlings) room, kitchen(kök) and toilet/shower(toaletter/duschar).

The double rooms, the yellow(gula) and the blue(blåa) room, have single beds with spring mattresses.

The room with three beds, the red(röda) room, has one single bed with a spring mattress and one bunk bed. In connection with this apartment is the great hall(salen).


The second apartment consists of two bedrooms; two multiply - family rooms, with a total of about 8 beds.

There is a kitchen(kök) along with two showers(duschar) and two toilets(toaletter). This apartment is close to the little house.

The room with three beds, the white(vita) room, has one extra wide bed (120 centimetres) with spring mattress and one bunk bed.

The room with four to five beds, the gable(gaveln) room, has two single beds with spring mattresses, one bunk bed and one loft bed.

The booth multiply - family rooms have got separated entrance doors and can be merged into a greater common room. The door who separates the two rooms, when the rooms not are merged together, is soundproof.


The little house(lilla huset) is detached from the main building and consists of three bedrooms; two double rooms and one room with three beds (with a total of about seven beds).

The kitchen(köket) is in connection with the room who got three beds, and is used only by this room.

The double rooms, the green(gröna) and the turquoise blue(turkosa) room, have single beds with spring mattresses and both rooms have their own entrances straight into the wild. If you live in these rooms, you will use the adjacent apartments kitchen as well as toilets(toaletter) and showers(duschar) in the main building.

The room with three beds, the little house room(lilla husrummet), has single beds with spring mattresses whereas one bed is extra wide (120 centimetres.) This room has its own entrance, kitchen(kök) and porch(veranda). Even here you walk across the courtyard to the main building for toilets and showers.


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