The picture to the left shows the courtyard and the picture to the right shows columbine in the garden.




Fixed price for the double rooms in the main building per night and 2 adults: 600 SEK if members at STF

(300 SEK/person) and 700 SEK for non-members


Double room in the little house per night and 2 adults: 550 SEK if members at STF (275 SEK/person)

and 650 SEK for non-members (325 SEK /person)


Double room in the little house per night with one adult and one child: 425 SEK (275 SEK/adult and 150 SEK/child) if members at STF and 500 SEK for non-members (325 SEK/adult


One single in a double room per night in the little house: 400 SEK if member at STF and 450 for non-members


Multiply - family rooms per night and person: adults 300 SEK/night if member at STF and 350 SEK for non-members children 175 SEK/night (Children ages 3-15) if member at STF and 200 SEK for non-members


Rental of the entire hostel per night including the conference hall: 7 000 SEK



Breakfast buffet per person: Adult 85 SEK and children 45 SEK

We buy local products as bread from Café Smulan and Ludwig’s eggs from pet hens.

The breakfast contents moreover of: coffee, tea, juice, milk, yoghurt, myssli, corn flakes, cheese, salami, marmelades, kaviar, vegetables as cucumber, tomato, paprika and so on.


Breakfast is served at 8.30, other hours by agreement.


A set of bed sheets cost 80 SEK and a towel cost 20 SEK (non-recurring amount)

If you want to check in as B&B there will be a cleaning fee: 125SEK for a doubleroom and 250Sek for a

multiply - family room.



You have acess to free wireless Internet, barbecues, garden and parking spaces.



To pay or cancel a booking:


For private guests:

You pay cash on arrival and will be given a receipt.

Cancelled bookings must be done at the latest 5 o´clock three days before arrival, otherwise you will be charged for an extra night. The same occurs if you book a room the same day and don`t arrive at the hostel.

If you make your reservations the same day you will be informed of the actual booking terms. If the hostel has provided "extras" for example a picnic basket, they must also be paid for. There can be changes in these conditions in which case the hostel will inform you of these when you make a reservation.


For groups read below (if the manager does not inform otherwise):

The registration fee is 50% of the complete sum.

Paycondition: You´ll pay the registration fee 10 days after the booking. We don´t repay this fee.

One month before the arrival the booker must pay the remaining 50% of the complete sum.




















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