Gladan & Vråken                WE ARE UPPDATING THE HOMEPAGE! 


Gladan & Vråken from 1865  is situated in a beech forest in a nature preserve.

Gladan & Vråken (the kite and the buzzard) is situated in the beech forest of Verke Creeks nature preserve. Walk on tracks to the orchidswamp (250 m from here), The hills of Brösarp, the old alum factory in Andrarum, Hallamölla waterfall, Christinehof castle - ecopark, Haväng and Kivik.

Walk as an pilgrim from us to the spring of St: Olof by Hallamölla waterfall - pilgrimsvagen.se

If you click at "maps", you will find a hike and bike map. Read about us in the Swedish bike magazine Cykling, page 10-11!

Bike to us via - the SÖSK map. Buy the map from the net or get it here for free.

The bike track Sydostleden has got an international standard. The track leads to us from Växjö and goes further down towards Simrishamn.


The local paper Ystads allehanda

wrote an article about Gladan & Vråken 2011-07-18.

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