Book your conferences and meetings at Gladan & Vråken!


The building Gladan & Vråken is situated in the beech forest close to the famous slopes of brösarp, the north ones. We do not have any close neighbours except the owls in the forest, so you can peacefully take a cup of tea in the garden among all flowers.

Vi have got wireless internet, but instead of advanced equipment regarding conferences you can be in an old charming room and silently talk  in front of a fire (see "the rooms"). I will gladly tell a tale from this neighbourhood to the coffee! Price for renting the hole place: 7 000 SEK / night.

If you want to cook by yourself we can, for a fair price, buy the ingredients from local producers/stores. You can also shop by yourself at ICA in Brösarp, tele: 0414 - 730 16. We buy our tasty breakfast bread at the confectionery in Brösarp - Smulan: 0414 - 738 08.

Go to "the larder of nature" further down if you want you can bake an ecological pie from berries and fruits who you pick from our garden.

If you prefer catering we can order that on your account,  otherwise you can phone these numbers by yourself: Brösarps gästgiveri, tele: 0414 - 263 70, Buhres fish: 0414 - 702 12 and Allé: 0414 - 714 44. There is a lot of other restaurants here in Österlen as well.

If you rather want to grill you can borrow, free of charge, open grills from us. And if you advert us in time we provide you with carbon for the fire (to a fair cost).

If you want to do something together as a group, we have a very good knowledge about the surroundings and can show you the best hike and bike tracks. Ask us about the nature!


 The larder of nature:


If you are at least 6 persons, and if you reserve in advance, you can pick our ecological fruits and berries from the garden, rhubarbs, red and black currants, raspberries, plums, cherrys and apples, and bake a pie or some other yummy dessert.

We provide you with the recipe and fair prices.

And if you want to cook a dinner, the Ramson is growing in the shadowy part of the garden. Chanterelle, Karl Johan and other fine mushrooms grows in the forest close to the hostel.


Bring your fishing pole and catch your own fish from Verka Lake. Grill it back here at Gladan & Vråken and spice it with herbs from the garden.

Fishing licens is available at Christinehofs castle - ecopark, tele: 0417 - 26 370.

On your account we can buy the other ingredients from local producers / stores to fair prices.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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