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Create your own bicycle package!

You will find red deers in the forest close to

Gladan & Vråken. Photo: Göran Johannesson.     


If you bike towards Gladan & Vråken you can use the SÖSK-map, which has got a purple bicycle trail in direct adjacent to us. Otherwise you can rent a bicycle at Ravlunda cykel (Ravlunda Bicycle), 0414-74001, who will transport the bicycle back and forth.

Christinehof Ecopark also rent bicycles, 0417-26370, but then you will have to pick up and leave them yourself at the Ecopark.

You will bike on traffic-free forest roads or smaller paved roads with little traffic. 

From us you can buy a detailed map for 20 SEK, to the following destinations:


1. Haväng via the northen hills of Brösarp and Hallamölla waterfall.


2. Forsakar waterfall.


3. Hallsbergs gård och stenar (the court and stones of Hallsbergs).


Before the bicycle tour you will get oral information about the different destination.

Look further down for more information. Naturally you can use your own map, maybe if you have another destination in mind when you create your package.

Prices regarding accommodation etc. see; "prices" in the main menu. We are members of Bed and Bike and STF - the Swedish turist organisation.

1A. Haväng:                                                                                                                                              

Haväng have vast, open and sandy heaths with a large flowerage. Horses and sheep feed on the open pasture and the raptures and wading birds winters here.

The coastal strip is unique for the Baltic Sea with its slopes and fine sandy beach. The river Verkeån runs into the Baltic Sea at Haväng. Here you can find the dolmen of Haväng who was built circa 4500 years ago during the early years of the Stone Age.

1B. The northern hills of Brösarp:

The hills have calcareous sediments since the Ice Age with an open hilly landscape, sandy steppe land and grass vegetation. On the hills grows Sand pinks, Pasque flowers, Anthericum Ramosums and Everlasting flowers. Take a break from cycling and stroll the 5 kilometres long and beautiful blue trail around the slopes and enjoy the ravishing view!

1C. Hallamölla waterfall:

Is the highest coherent waterfall of Scania, with five streams and a total height of 23 metres. There is a tribe of lake trout above the fall and a wandering tribe of lake trout below the fall.                                                                                                                  The watermill is dated back to the 13th Century.                                                                                                                               If you would like to walk from here, you can choose between the red and the yellow trail. The both trails lead you to Haväng. The red trail lead you through the beech forest and ravines of Verkeån and continues over the northern hills of Brösarp, while the yellow trail runs on the other side of Verkeån through Lindskogen and the southern hills.

2. Forsakar waterfall:

The area has a dramatic nature. The brook forms several streams and the highest measures nine metres. Park your bike and walk along the slopes of ravines in the old beech forest.

3. The court and stones of Hallsberg:

Nils Nilsson created visually and lyrically a great amount of odd stones in the late 17th Century. The stones takes your mind to the Assyrian-Babylonian art and medieval baptismal fonts.

Footnote: The SÖSK-map is a free bicycle map, which is available at the tourist offices on Österlen or can be received here at Gladan & Vråken at arrival.

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