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The picture shows Gladan & Vråken the year 1865.




Gladan & Vråken

Åkaröd 206, 273 55 Brösarp Sweden




+46 414-92 170




+46 708-160 135 (not before 2014 03 01)



Hours of operation:


We open the hostel in Easter in connection with ÖSKG art weekend or the 1stof April.

We close after the annual apple festival in Kivik or the 30thof September.


Checking in:


Between 5-6 pm . Other hours by agreement only.

Check-in is located at the front door in the yard of the main building.


Checking out:


At the latest 11.00. Other hours by agreement only.

Leave the room as you found it, otherwise we will take out a fee for cleaning the room.


To pay or cancel a booking:





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