About us

The photo to the left; Rune how scythe in the orchidswamp.

The photo in the mittel; A schoolclass outside the old porch 1910. The teachers name was Lars Hallin.

The photo to the right; Our first guests from 1991 standing outside the old porch again in the year 2013.

We, Lena and thomas, are the hosts and owners of Gladan & Vråken.

The house has been renovated little by little by the years, the origin of the building was a countryside school from 1865.

Gladan & Vråken is ecological and has got an earthheating system, special designed plumming system and so on. For some of the walls we have made the paint by our self of oil, pigment and terpentine.

The foodstuffs to the breakfast is bought by local storekeepers.

The water comes from a source deep down in the mountain. Here you can drink pure clear water.

Gladan & Vråken is located at the edge of the southern part of Linderöds åsen, close to the nature preserve of Verkeån.

The surrounding consists of a mighty deciduous forest and rich pastures with red deer and wild boar.

You arrive on a small road between Brösarp and the castle - ecopark of Christinehof. Here you will find tranquillity as well as a beautiful and varied landscape. There is an orchid swamp about 250 m from us, how contains several rare flowers and plants.

In the fen are among others: Marsh Helleborine, Heath Spotted Orchid, Early Marsh Orchid and Western Marsh Orchid. Here’s also the Bird's-eye primrose, Globeflower, Tawny sedge, Yellow Sedge, Rough Hawkbit, Marsh Grass-of-Parnassus, Quaking grass, Fairy Flax, Marsh Valerian etc. 

You can rest in our garden listening to the owls and watch the birds of prey navigating in the sky. The bats chase insects in the dawn and the red deer is calling for his mates in september. We have lots of garden furnitures.

In the garden you can also play games on the big lawn.

If you want to hike or bike we can inform you regarding the best routes among waterfall and orchids. The tracks leads you through hills and forests down to the ocean and Haväng. We provide you with maps at arrival. Don´t hesitate to ask us questions about the nature!

We haven´t got any television, but you got free wireless internet.

You can make a fire i the big hall and play some party game.

We don´t allow pets or sleepingbags.

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